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Canton Fall Classic 2014


Race Routes:


Both races begin simultaneously in front of Temple Beth Abraham. The races proceed downhill on Washington St. together past the 1 mile marker. Shortly after this the 5k takes a right onto Wentworth Rd., and then another right onto Tilden Rd. There is a water stop on the left side of the street. At the end of Tilden course takes a left onto Redman Rd. followed by a right turn back onto Wentworth. At the end of Wentworth take a right turn onto Randolph St. The second mile of the 5k is predominantly uphill. Follow Randolph St. to end and then turn left on Washington St. back to the temple. Last mile is downhill,then flat.

The 10k course continues downhill on Washington St. and takes a left on Hubbard St.,left on Sutcliffe Ave., then right on Hillcrest. The two mile mark and water are on the left. At the end of Hillcrest course takes a left onto Pinedale which turns into Brooksweld. At the end of Brooksweld take a left onto Hemlock Rd. Hemlock is a significant uphill. At end take a left onto Greenlodge St. The three mile mark is just past the entrance to the Hoosic Country Club. Greenlodge is downhill. Course takes a left onto Elm St., a beautiful but challenging portion of the race. There are two short but fairly steep hills in this section.

A second water stop is located between the 4th and 5th mile. At the end of Elm take a left onto Dedham St.This turn is part of a hill which starts on Elm and ends approximately at the 5 mile mark. Proceed down Dedham to end and turn right on Washington back to the temple.

Splits are given in the 10K at miles 1,3 and 5.

Splits in 5k at 1 mi. only


The fun run starts at 9:45.

The 1 mile course starts in the temple driveway, takes a right on Washington St, another right on Draper St. and  right again on Sumner St.  On Sumner St runners make a u turn and retrace their steps to the temple driveway.

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